Youtube Channels

A list of Youtube Channels with valuable information on topics related to the third eye.

Raja Choudhury – Indian spiritual guru who deals with Kundalini and the third eye.

UAMN TV – Interesting alien channel which posts Spiritual Gaia content too.

4Bidden Knowledge – Billy Carson posts spiritual content vlog style

Spiritual Awakening – Nicki Sutton is a psychic who guides us through awakening.

What On Earth is Happening – Mark Passio breaks things down for hours.

David Wilcock – Super interesting spiritual and alien/ufo guy worth watching.

David Icke – The Godfather of the alternative scene, watch his talks.

Leak Project – Super interesting source of way out podcast interviews

The Theosophical Society Webinars – In depth esoteric and occult webinars

Half a Sheep – Interesting masonic conspiracy channel.

The Road to Here – Awesome Alan Watts Chillstep mix channel.

You Are Creators – Well done alternative videos

Dr. Steven Greer – How to contact extra-terrestrials telepathically

Donnie Arcade – Conscious Hip Hop about alternative sprituality

Zohar Stargate – Source of Gaia content and alien info

Open Your Reality – Cool alternative spirituality channel

After Skool – Cool channel which illustrates its videos with drawings.