Website Links

Here is a list of websites that will be of use while researching the third eye:

Mark Passio A podcast archive dealing with topics such as mind control, freemasonry, NWO, ancient aliens, and more.

Dark Books A free library of occult books in PDF form. Everything from telepathy to witches spells.

Sacred Texts A free archive of occult books online in browser.

Richard Cassaro An authors blog site dedicated to topics such as third eye worship in ancient times.

 Third Eye Pinecones Third Eye jewellery shop and interesting history of the third eye/pine cone connection

Graham Hancock Website Excellent article by Richard Cassaro about the third eye in ancient Egyptian culture.

Mystic Bananna – Another article about the third eye and fluoride in the water.

Third Eye Wiki

Humans are Free Interesting website with Spirituality, Forbidden History and Conspiracy sections.

Unexplained Mysteries A forum for Unexplained Mysteries and Alternative History

Loner Wolf A cool website all to do with the Spiritual path with pointers on how to travel it

Gnostic Warrior A resource for Gnostic studies, interesting articles and esoteric info

Gnostic Teachings Awesome site with Free Courses on the Esoteric and Spiritual

Western Esotericism Wiki Wikipedia article on Western Esotericism

Christian Mysticism Wiki

Occult Physics A nice wee site like this one about Occult Physics

Occult Mysteries A great wee resource for more links and knowledge of the Occult and Esoteric