Michael Tsarion- Sacred Symbolism in Modern Times

Corporations are using ancient symbols in their logos…but why? Because symbols by-pass the conscious mind and directly affect the subconscious, through ancestral memory causing you to feel differently, and make you more likely to buy stuff. We are bombarded by advertising 24/7 and constantly brainwashed into thinking certain ways by the mainstream media. Thank God… Read More Michael Tsarion- Sacred Symbolism in Modern Times

Edward “Maggador” Alexander – Dark Masons

A high up member of the “Mithraic Rite” of Freemasonry along with generations of his family, Edward “Maggador” Alexander breaks down the metaphysics of existence on this plane and talks about how this is a “Prison planet” according to his experiences. He also talks of how a certain corrupt secret society masquerading as Masons are… Read More Edward “Maggador” Alexander – Dark Masons