Lord Enki

Damean Samuel (Lord Enki) is a guy on youtube that does talks on his videos about esoteric subjects that I find really interesting. He is very knowledgeable on many esoteric subjects and is enjoyable to watch explaining spiritual concepts and he even shapeshifts on camera. In this video he goes into psychic powers and extra… Read More Lord Enki

The Third Eye

Here is a wonderful video from British psychic Nicki Sutton about the spiritual gland full of pizo-electric crystals called the Pineal, or the Third Eye. Ancients knew about this, but there were massacres of indigenous peoples and false histories taught to the survivors, and it was all covered up to this day. Be careful watching… Read More The Third Eye

The Last Druid

Learn about the mysterious order who infiltrated the Druids of Ireland and who’s members continued to be compendiums of all knowledge even through the middle-ages. Ben McBrady of the old Gaelic order takes us through the history of these people and since having no contact with any members in a long time, reckons he is… Read More The Last Druid