Psychedelics and Consciousness

Our ancestors used psychedelics in ancient rituals to connect with the universe and converse with God. Over the years laws were passed and these practices were forgotten, but it’s time to re-investigate the ancient times and their use of Hallucinogens, and re-awaken our spirituality.

The Last Druid

Learn about the mysterious order who infiltrated the Druids of Ireland and who’s members continued to be compendiums of all knowledge even through the middle-ages. Ben McBrady of the old Gaelic order takes us through the history of these people and since having no contact with any members in a long time, reckons he is… Read More The Last Druid


A very interesting documentary about human and planetary consciousness. Also the sequel to Esoteric Agenda, it delves deep into metaphysics and the esoteric. Made with that signature epic forbidden knowledge type documentary style, it is hypnotising.

Zeitgeist:The Movie

Click the Headline for the video. Zeitgeist is a life changing piece of film for many people. Its awe inspiring style and mind blowing content made it a phenomenon. It is about the state of the world, religion and spirituality, banking and the control system. It also offers a solution in the Venus Project.