Welcome to The Third Eye Conspiracy, check the video below to uncover the secrets of the Pineal gland, also known as the Third eye.

Illuminati Royal Blood Documentary

There’s nothing like indulging in a really out there conspiracy documentary on Youtube from time to time, and this one definitely delivers. It’s out there, but it’s all true too! It’s newly uploaded and it features some incredible footage from Politicians admitting their crimes to footage of crashed flying saucers, but wait until you see… Read More Illuminati Royal Blood Documentary

Can You be Mentally Controlled?

Very interesting wee video about ESP and telepathy. The subconscious mind can be easily influenced by outside forces, such as advertising and even hypnosis. Even distance reiki can affect the mind, and if so, couldn’t distance hypnosis? or Telepathy? This is an area of study worth looking into, and it’s spooky when you read about… Read More Can You be Mentally Controlled?

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