Welcome to The Third Eye Conspiracy, check the video below to uncover the secrets of the Pineal gland, also known as the Third eye.

The Magic of Mushrooms

The government ban medicines like this while people suffer, psychiatrists prescribe horrible “government approved” meds that make you sick, all the while engineering a criminal subculture with crime and punishment to screw the world up. So much trauma in the world can be healed with these kinds of natural remedies, there is even psilocybin therapy… Read More The Magic of Mushrooms

David Wilcock-Fall of the Cabal

David Wilcock gets into Extraterrestrial Disclosure, Black Projects, Luciferians and the fall of the Cabal. He announced the plan of the Alliance to arrest many leaders long before Jeffrey Epstein was taken down. Now this is an update of how things are going. This guy is super interesting. He is a spiritual guy and trustworthy… Read More David Wilcock-Fall of the Cabal

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