Welcome to The Third Eye Conspiracy, check the video below to uncover the secrets of the Pineal gland, also known as the Third eye.

Mystic Christianity- Ra Castaldo

Ra Castaldo is a catholic mystic who talks on going through many psychic happenings through his childhood right up until now. He speaks on many topics such as The Fae, Catholic Saints, Miracles in the modern day and more. I could listen to this guy talk for ages, what he talks about is incredibly interesting.… Read More Mystic Christianity- Ra Castaldo

End of Days – Vinnie Paz

Real Hip Hop at its best. Vinnie Paz and Block McCloud tell the people that the masses are controlled by dark forces. Also, they sampled David Icke at the beginning which is legendary. The ones controlling the people don’t want them to all wake up and take the world back, because it would be mayhem.… Read More End of Days – Vinnie Paz

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