Altiyan Childs Exposes Freemasonry

Altiyan Childs exposes freemasonry in this tell all video about the fraternitys satanic practices and beliefs. He says the masons believe this is a high sphere of hades or hell we are in, and satan is the god of this world who they worship, and thats why they do the 666 hand signs and cover one eye.

Paganism and occult teachings are what freemasonry is all about. They practice the craft of witchcraft because even magic is real, and God isnt the only god in the world. A lot of fallen angels of christianity had their origins in pagan gods and godesses who had and still have real power. Astaroth can make you invisible, tell the future, help you befriend famous and influential people. Choronzon can send someone crazy and ranting about people in their life in a certain way. Lucifer can show you the truth of things, give you delusions and even spark genius in the magician working with him.

The good angels are all real too and actually do have powers too, such as archangel michael appearing if you speak of the devil to protect you, if you ever see a blue or purplish light thats him. Even saints have power to intercede for people and bring blessings into your life. Always remember that God and the good side is what you want to be on, for blessings and good things to come into your life, and create good karma feedback loops that just keep paying off through doing only good things in life, does a rotten tree bear rotten fruit? and a good tree bear good fruit? by their fruits you shall know them like jesus said.

Mystery schools of the ancient world can be read about in books like the secret history of the world by jonathan black and includes all sorts of esoteric hidden teachings, mithraism, the oracles of delphi, druidry, celtic paganism, indo european beliefs, sufism of the islam faith, esoteric judaism, buddism, christianity, theosophy, thelema, fairy magic, egyptian mysteries, magic and more

these teachings were preserved by secret societies who understood certain laws and principles present in the universe and how to use them to their advantage. The world is more spiritual than people think, nothing is as it seems on earth and even things like time and space are illusiory. Alchemy and magic never was deemed fake or bullshit but it was hidden from the public and kept secret. Once it went underground the masses of people in the world just assumed it was archaic old bullshit but they didnt know it was real, until the internet was invented noone could look this stuff up.

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