John Titor: Time Traveller

A time traveller is said to have posted online on forums in the past called John Titor and he was from our future. This guy on the why files goes into detail in a great informative way about his time travel device blueprints and who invented it, the whole story of what he warned us about and where he went after he time travelled to here then left.

Hyper Dimensional Resonators are supposed to be time travel devices too which people have bought online and used to go to the past or future. They may have been back engineered from John Titor and other time travellers devices and manuals with instructions said to be made from what they discover in CERN Hadron Supercollider in our future, then sold commercially eventually.

Time travel is a very interesting subject but it is not new. Since time is said to be an illusion, whatever created time could time travel in the first place, possibly because we are soul fragments of ourselves imprisoned in a 3rd dimensional time field as multi dimensional beings in all 12 dimensions at once.

For more on that see this other video here :

for further research on time travel, check out the mandela effect on Youtube.

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