Truth Hunter -Aliens & UFOs

Linda Moulton Howe presents us the truth about alien abductions carryed out by grey aliens and EBE’s which are different species of extra terrestrials on earth. There is said to be underground bases and many spacecraft on earth from a different planet and these aliens abduct many people all over the world since a treaty was made with the government in exchange for alien technology such as spacecraft and some say its even where we get things like fibre optics and night vision from back engineering these technologys.

In my opinion aliens have been on earth since ancient times when there were legends of “little green men” and leprachauns, fairies and pixies all over the world even ancient serpent kings all fit the description of aliens such as people report today. Some think we are terraformed and farmed by these aliens who watch over earth and tweak our dna helping us evolve over generations, creating new species and monitoring the earths inhabitants like farmers.

The pentagon recently announced that they have video evidence of ufos evading military jets and they are not of this world. This show is great because it goes into the known facts about the aliens and what they do in abductions, from abductees themselves reports. Its scary to watch too, perfect for upcoming halloween.

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