Top Ten Facts About Saints

Saints are very real, like the astral light, like angels, demons, anything spiritual with the right understanding and techniques of faith and belief. Youtube videos online talk about saints having supernatural powers, being in two places at once, taming wild animals, stigmata (wounds of christ appearing on a saints hands). I have heard of saints levitating aswell and many other miracles such as healing from the afterlife.

There is real power in prayers, like any word is a spell so, so are prayers to a certain extent. Religiously charged spells full of good karmic loops and positivity. They instil morals and virtues the more you pray and contemplate your conscience and when you take into account psychic powers, they actually do work. If you pray for someone to get a job and hope it goes their way it usually does because your sending those vibes out and they come back too .

You can pray to the saints to intercede for you in your life. There are books on many many saints who were usually but not always christian martyrs back in past centuries. Martyrs were willing to die for their faith and christs message, and are usually devout christians who were very holy and were bestowed spiritual gifts by god such as levitation and second sight. .

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