The Giants of Malta – Thomas Sheridan

Thomas Sheridan, (The Gotchieman, Demons are real, Occult Dublin) investigates the stories of ancient giants and underground layers of Malta in this documentary. It is very interesting and well produced with an eerie vibe the whole way through. Some say there were giants on earth right up until a few thousand years ago, personally I think it ties into the whole creationism myth of dinosaurs and humans co-inhabiting earth no more than 5000 years ago and that the earth may be flat, or an ethereal plane of existence or different dimension than we think it is, because the freemasons go by the year of light calender which is 5000 years old. Although it will take a lot more research to figure it out for sure.

There is a conspiracy theory that there were many giant skeletons excavated in the past centuries and were all confiscated and covered up by the Smithsonian institute all over the world, another that we are taught a false history of earth by the ancestors of the illuminati who came from egypt and are actually hebrews who infiltrated the Pharaonic bloodlines at some point, massacred many shamanic peoples and promoted the mythical history accepted by the mainstream today.

When you see things like this, or hear of odd things such as alien and ufo paintings in ancient caves, the existence of magic etc you begin to wonder is it true, especially after the great witch hunts and inquisitions of the catholic church in relatively modern history too I myself do wonder have things been covered up and have we been lied to about it all? These cavern systems mentioned could lead to inner earth style places with vast plains and wooly mammoths, all sorts of venus fly trap plant type things that are gigantic that eat people that have been mentioned on Gaia videos and they even mentioned giants living down there too, which is right enough depending on how deep down the caves are there could be higher gravity.

These are the things that spring to mind for me while watching a show like this, which was thoroughly enjoyable and one of the many great documentaries Thomas Sheridan has made so far, I highly recommend checking out his youtube channels Beyond Room 313 and Thomas Sheridan where he lives streams daily about esoteric topics and magic, paganism, and alternative theories.

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