The Astral Light

The Astral Light is a force which we are all immersed in at all times, but it can be made visible. Indian yogis used to practice an esoteric technique where a student would be taught to visualise a cobra every day for a year until others could see what he was visualising by illuminating it with astral light.

Its possible to do apparitions others see, mass hallucinations, shared visions of anything you want to sculpt the light to show someone. This is known as psychic phenomena which is possible with this light.

It is called The great dragon and the great serpent by Elephas Levi in his writings on it, and some call it Azoth, the fiery aspect of the holy spirit itself.

It is the great magical agent and may even be the philosophers stone since Jesus used it to perform his miracles such as turning water to wine, it may also beable to turn base elements into gold through magical powers that are divine.

People say it is the dregs of Akasha or the light of the higher heavenly realms entering into our third dimension and so its malificent qualities such as it becoming the inhalation of demons if in the wrong hands are caused by doing wrong in life and it mirroring whatever vibes you send out into it back at you 3 times as great.

It is impartial and neutral, it will amplify whatever you send out good or bad and we are already all immersed in it at all times, our memories and imagination work in it, the luminiferous ether talked about by the first scientists who were also alchemists was falsely disproven and does exist.

When God said let there be light, it was this astral light. And when freemasons worship lucifer they mean the bearer of the light, the light bringer because it is an ancient title you get in paganism if you can wield this light properly.

It is known that you need a balance in this light, OB being when it turns into the breath of angels and AUR when its in balance, with OD turning it into the inhalation of demons when you do wrong and it mirrors and amplifies it. What you put out into the universe you get in return so this is how you master karma, with feedback loops that are returning your energy and amplifying it.

So doing good deeds and being a good person as a principle will cause many feedback loops that are positive and then evil deeds will cause bad karma, in the middle of it all you must find a balance as a person to stay in the safe realms of AUR in the astral light were all immersed in, the luminiferous ether.

It does miracles, which I think comes from the word mirage like you would see if you hallucinated in the desert. Hallucinations are not what science says they are, because you see what others see in shared hallucinations psychics can do. Its all to do with the third eye and intuitive psychic powers of clairvoyance, telepathy and psychometry. These are 100% real, as is psycho and pyrokenesis, levitation, etc.

Here is a link to download a free pdf of a book about The Astral Light :

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