PsychoKenesis & ESP Training Videos

Dr Richard Alan Miller worked with the CIA on remote viewing and PK (Psycho-Kenesis) techniques and abilities in the past, and has now made a training video for those powers he has put on Youtube.

I firmly believe in the power of psychic abilities and Extra-Sensory Perception. Keep practicing and they will get stronger, the only way they dont work is if you dont know you have them or think they dont exist. They are spiritual gifts we are given when we incarnate and we are in multiple dimensional planes at once that you can access spiritually with technqiues of meditation and third eye activation with your chakras and the astral light.

If you practice like the student visualising the cobra in india, for a year straight practicing using your psycho kenetic abilities with the chi and light and imagination, visualising the power, it will come to you and it does get stronger. Its the biggest cover up in history, our extra sensory abilities we have been told dont exist by science, but even movies in Hollywood hide the truth in plain sight.

Harry potter style magical abilities are real, thats why religion is there and Christs miracles. If you understand they are possible that helps remind you that the spiritual and the supernatural are there and if you want to seek it out you will find it, just like psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, telepathy and pk even levitation.

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