Lord Enki

Damean Samuel (Lord Enki) is a guy on youtube that does talks on his videos about esoteric subjects that I find really interesting. He is very knowledgeable on many esoteric subjects and is enjoyable to watch explaining spiritual concepts and he even shapeshifts on camera.

In this video he goes into psychic powers and extra sensory perception (ESP). These are unlockable in any human being, but be careful, once you become psychic you cant turn it off and could be labelled schizophrenic but if you understand that psychiatry is a giant scam to silence anyone exhibiting or talking about having these psychic powers then you can avoid things like that. Psycho and Pyro-kenesis are very powerful too, you can eventually lift and flip cars with your mind like in Stranger Things or start fires with your chi without a lighter.

Once you start to go down this rabbit hole, you realise youve missed out on a lot of stuff that others knew about. There are psychics out there, and the spiritual is the answer if you want to know the truth. If these powers are real, so are the reiligions and even things conspiracy theories talk about, some are very real like aliens and witchcraft.

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