Above Majestic (Movie)

David Wilcock, Emery Smith, Corey Goode and others disclose what is really going on on earth with the secret space programme and interstellar travel happening already. They break down what the moon is and where it came from, the secret history of our solar system dating back billions of years including an ancient venusian builder race who came from a different star system. The reptilian draco-annunaki are involved in a war dating back aeons with humanity. Secret missions are happening all over the world with people like Emery Smith and Corey Goode, who feature on Gaia.com streaming service talking about all different aspects of alien life and space from classified sources.

Here is the full movie someone has put up on youtube;

The New World Order is happening now, and it all ties into disclosure of aliens, humans by passing the governments of all nations and initiating first contact themselves with these extraterrestrial beings through learning remote viewing and vedic meditation and communication techniques Dr Steven Greer has on his Youtube and features in his new movie Contact has Begun.

Underground bases and tunnels have been built by the alien infiltrated governments of the world, contracts have been made between grey aliens and american politicians since the 1930s and repeatedly broken by these grey aliens, but high space faring technology has been given to humanity and has led to touch screens, internet and holographics, virtual and augmented reality, night vision, and spacecraft. Zero point, free energy has been figured out along with levitation ability space suits being mass produced for people soon.

David Wilcock is working with insiders busting the world elite who have become corrupt and lost their way. They are arresting many leaders while the New World Order looms on the horizon for humanity. Will it be stopped? It could lead to a type 1 civilization where android humanity are space faring.

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