The Secret History of Dinosaurs

Apparently all isnt as it seems when it comes to the extinction of the dinosaurs. They lived on and even mixed with humans according to this documentary that talks about the creationist theory. Some of these dinosaurs may even have been dragons and that could be where the mythical dragons and dragon kings from china, serpent kings from Europe who could take human form and even the Annunaki may have been dinosaurs!

The serpentine Cheribum and Seraphim (Fiery serpents) angelic beings may have been some kind of intelligently evolved humanoid velociraptor type beings. The serpent in the garden of eden too, maybe a reptilian shapeshifter.

This could be a farm prison in 3d reality while dinosaur beings that are 5th dimensional use spacecrafts and grey aliens to farm humans while cyphoning the fear and misery energy from us to feed on, like David Icke talks about with the Archons.

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