Jesus Christ and the Power of Prayer

I have been researching into the catholic faith and Jesus Christ recently, and I have discovered that there is genuine power in prayer. Like meditating in a group on peace can reduce crime rates in cities. Prayer can bring peace and serenity to another person miles away. Like distance reiki can heal someone from a distance, you quickly learn that prayers have great power. The saints intercede for people who pray to them too, and this seems to be genuine, which makes you understand there is life after death, actually eternal life. You choose either eternal salvation or damnation based on whether your doing positive uplifting things in your life, constructive activities working for the better of your friends and family and society itself, with virtues prayer instills in you such as kindness, respect, love, support and the like, as opposed to hatred, fighting, meanness and evil and all that comes with it leading to damnation and mental hell, those negative actions ruining your life, while good deeds and behaviours bring peace and serenity and help you live a good life.

Jesus is said by some to be an ascended master who incarnated here like many other masters who live in higher dimensions than ours. Theosophy and spiritism share beliefs in higher dimensions and the afterlife, ghosts and spirits, spirit beings such as angels and elementals. Wiccans also have a belief in magic in language and this is why you spell words because they are spells. This is how prayers work.

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