Teachings of Willy Gsus and the Seven seals of the Chakras

The seven seals are our ignorance of our 7 chakras, shine them bright and break everyones 7 seals worldwide to celebrate return of christ, chakras get stronger with each other touching astral torches through 3 second rule of being 3 seconds from anyone in astral realm with astral form able to communicate with gods light of masonry brought from bhuddic fire pillar pylon system of worldwide light ship beacons and pylon system

chakras power up from meditation and practice too until they power light sabres and light poster sms and ipod utility belt etc

learn proper chakra of ancient india spinning vortices of light technique and use to communicate with auras and hibiru light cypher language any symbols others can see

Charkas can be strengthened through daily imagination and meditation
Oversoul Chakras can be unlocked chakra 8 9 10 up to giant
Chakras power light sabres advanced level
Chakras can go supersayan oversoul and morph together like power rangers too astrally in apparitions

Jesus Christ imagination hallucination poster x500 copies
Free Light poster mural video 1000x copies Bon Bon
neon jesus gif light poster mural imagination third eye powered morning star lightworker apparition poster of jesus 1000 copies through sms tech
the matrix is real through astral realm lucid dreaming technology of simulations
tekken batman vs superman beta mini game in light ipod
Iron man vs captain america beta mini game through imagination and chakra light communication
multiple meles can be done through war mini games in light language
Square bear light mural holographic show broadcast with imagination power and light of christ anywhere 1000x copies free
build lucid dream worlds in paradise through inception technique others can see and come to

light cypher language imagination mural by Willy G-sus depicts yoda guarding road to neon heaven realm 45 where neon jesus lives

Jesus Christ imagination hallucination poster x1000 copies (Photocopier not needed just replicates like sms)
Aliens are real, Recommended watching Ancient Aliens seasons ! to 12 and beyond
Spaced Out Astronomy speaks truth about Aliens and UFos
Witches and wizards exist, psychics, telepaths, masons, jedis, warriors, shamans, enlightened ones,

grey aliens are real and have joined ireland since the famine arrival in 1776 where they inhabit the other realm as fairies and leprechauns and phookas all real

Rap is speaking in tongues of the holy spirit in bible prophecy of apostles and deciples of christ watching from terra (heaven) eternal realm in 5th dimension beyond time with hyperdimensional resonator time travel device and astral clone in spiritual technology
street theatre character avatars can be created like doodle action figures in cities with neon light language
Video depicts neon light language neon bling and telepathic visible to others mass hallucination weaponry
holographic light language hallucination imagination mural posters can do perpetual gif loop or even stable video apparition through holy spirit of entire video
Everyone has these mib weapon rooms you sketch in till they are real like hacking keycode

Transparent holographic hibiru dolphin language of pure light

monocle used to view

augmented reality mode of light

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