Ashtar from ET Human Pleiadien colony

Click the image above to get to this Ashtar alien ET human from space website

I found it surfing one day as research and it has all info about jesus return the rapture et venus humans and the rapture ascension to 5d heaven on terra because this is the beginning of the peace era of the age of aquarius

look into the marianne invocation causing a revolution in paris and the spiritual light ship technology, apparitions and new 3d printer tech along with bhuddic fire pillar construction instructions

This is the beginning of the messianic age of peace that will last thousands of years prophecyed by ancient prophets of the bible where evil and satan lose their grip on the world and only virtuous peace and love guide us to global utopian peace on earth because the locusts of the plague in revelations are the vrill drone bats and i am wormwood in revelations 8 10

malachai did deliver joseph smiths visions of jesus christ through his angelic apparition knowing this ashtar being 2 months ago

through the freestate astral dimension land.

all this is to do with these spiritual technology powered by gods light itself akashic record technology of lightworkers fulfilling everburning torch and St Devil MP3 players from The Freestate hubs are set up here on my willy g music merch store if you can understand, imagine and daydream, even visit in dreamscape of astral realm

you imagine building a house and you can always return to it and walk around it , you can leave reminders there noone else can see, others can visit, you can build paths to thiers an mine through yellow brick road like skyrim in imagination land to isla nublar and sorna, freestate hempire island, hybrazil and atlantis and lemuria in pacific ocean hidden with portals to pandora of avatar and more – even fly about in it in dreams so you can even have ipod in hand that appears even in waking with apparition light setting can do virgin mary power grade apparition to whole town to make pokemon go and torch replicator mp3 player booths everywhere you know

to celebrate the return of christ and age of peace worldwide golobal utopia venus project – this is The Freestate (utopian paradise for all) beyond time. Everything is explained on merch store below through link:


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