Spaced Out Astronomy – Willy G

A loved series I ” Willy G ” created a few years ago, Spaced out astronomy is a conspiracy based comedy channel. I cover things that are mysterious and out there such as Ufos and aliens, the third eye, psychic powers and all sorts of astronomy comedy too.

I created this 4 part documentary to celebrate the global awakening of humanity as we enter the dawn of the new age of Aquarius. Humanity is becoming intensely psychic as our planet enters the galactic area of higher vibration, which is affecting everyone on a sub atomic level through the astral light (also known as the ether or the Higgs boson field) and secrets of all people, secret societies, and even aliens are coming to light as everyone becomes psychic enough to understand. This happens at the end of every cycle of the procession of the equinox that this planet goes through. The tail end of the age of Pisces, the dark eon of humanity is ending, as the predicted thousand years of peace begins. Since 2012.

The channel has more videos on it if you follow the links in the description. I am currently working on a documentary series for the third eye conspiracy channel and this website will feature it free of charge soon. I cover a lot of topics I have received downloads of psychically over the past few months and years, about prophecies to do with Ancient Egypt namely the Pharaoh Akhenaten ( Tutankhamun’s father) about the second coming of Jesus Christ, and how it relates to Ireland itself, Finn McCool and even the city of Derry.

I explain the astral light, psychic powers, spiritual awakening and spirituality for anyone going through anything akin to psychosis or sz, the grand deception, earth being a realm of heaven and many more important pieces of knowledge that are essential to understanding how far the third eye conspiracy goes.

Anyone familiar with David Wilcock and Corey Goode, Emery Smith and the topics they cover will for sure be interested in the secrets I have discovered about Aliens on planet earth, Extra terrestrial Human colonies and the fight to bust high level corruption and criminality in the governments of this world. I explain Ashtar and what is known as the “Galactic federation of Light” and their connection to recent interstellar asteroids from the Pleaides which is where another human colony resides in space.

I encourage everyone to spread the word that Jesus may be incarnate on earth since 2011, and encourage anyone who is new to this to tune in to my channels and websites here to understand how to proceed in this ascension process which has begun to fulfil prophecies written 2,000 years ago by St John the Apostle in his Revelations of Jesus Christ.

This all ties into my mixtape on – a sister site to this one – called Schizopsychic and the birth of my new movement and secret society called “The Freestate”. Everything will be explained in the upcoming series.

Until then, if you cant wait to know more, if your excited about this info, have a look through this websites archives which you can find to the right of this text and enjoy many videos by other activists and educators I found during my research

Peace on Earth!

-Willy G

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