7th son of a 7th son Faith Healer Danny Gallagher

Danny Gallagher of Ireland. He can heal people of diseases and affliction with a God given gift of the Holy Spirit because he is the 7th son in his family lineage of a 7th son of an ancestor of his, so I think because of this he has inherited genetically or maybe spiritually (or both) this miraculous gift.

Excess exothermic heat is picked up on infrared heat sensing cameras when Danny does his magic. This is how God heals the sick through the Holy Spirit working through Danny. Just like fairies and the angels are camouflaged in the ether of the air all around us, as is the angels working with Danny. Kirlian photography capturing auras works in the same way. It is what we see but if you pierce the veil with your third eye using the gift of imagination, you can see the real spiritual, ethereal celestial realm these beings and gifts come from.

I have it too. All autistic people may have it as well and are trying to heal their own mind, conned by the psychiatric ploy used on schizophrenic people that makes them think they are ill so their psychic powers work against them, so the autistic man or woman’s faith healing, exothermic heat works against them as they try to heal their own mind, causing the inflammation and excess heat of autism. Like Mongolian faith healers or Chinese monks. Even samurais can walk arctic mountains without any protective gear and even survive overnight, like Wim Hof, they are taught to control their bio rhythms and heat their bodies up. Indian gurus can meditate until they literally breathe fire. They can set their own clothing on fire. The Chinese call it Chi, the chakra system is the key to unlocking its power. It can move blocks at a distance, even make you levitate like monks outside the Vatican demonstrate daily, even fly over buildings like saints of the past. Harnessed correctly by the human being it is the most powerful force on earth. I suspect a group of people channelling their chi together can levitate stones and probably even used this, along with sound resonance to build the ancient monoliths such as Newgrange and Stonehenge, even the pyramids scattered all across the globe. Ancient ley lines amplify the resonant frequencies of the earth and can be channelled through a person or groups auras and chi at sacred places on earth. maybe dolmens of ancient Celtic times were put there to indicate where these sacred dragon lines laid.

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