Glitches in the Matrix

I found this video while searching youtube for cool stuff, and this seems to be very eerie happenings in the real world here. I’d like to analyse it for you to see my point of view on it.

First off, there is a clip of a man crossing the street in a busy Asian city. 2 bus/tram cars flip and then if you look closely, one of the men who was crossing runs away at great speed. I think we may be witnessing a telepath exhibiting symptoms of telekenesis he may not know how to control. Maybe he was annoyed that the tram car tried to drive past the zebra crossing while he was crossing the street, his powers reacted and flipped both of the cars then he just decided split second he had to escape quickly. I know from the ESP video in the annals of the website that Asia has master telepaths that can levitate and even teleport objects, so it may not be too far from the truth… what do you think?…

Other glitches that stand out are… well, all of them are pretty surprising. The boxer getting punched by invisible hands, plane suspended in mid air, the dog appearing out of the blue on a busy highway… the last video where all the basketball players change direction at the same time…. eerie stuff indeed.

What do you make of all this? I’d like to hear your opinions in the comments. It seems to me that there’s much more to this world than meets the eye… and the matrix has a mysterious nature.

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