Angels Caught on Camera

I found this video about angels (you know, from heaven) being caught on camera on Youtube last month. I wondered about it for a good while, but something tells me its real. The very first angel who drops to the ground is very interesting to me. It’s a very special angel. As the video goes on, we see angels in the clouds which are, in my opinion, the part of heaven we get to see from here on earth.

We see a flying man in some sort of space suit too. This may be 100% real because I’ve heard on Gaia’s Cosmic Disclosure series that these suits exist, and help you levitate, and even fly. Of course levitation and flight has been possible for human beings since the days of Jesus ( look at the many saints who could float over buildings) and even Pythagoras himself had a student they called a “Skywalker” who had attained the ability of flight.

An angel appears at a rock concert too, in a mosque, in a security camera, all these are real. In fact, computer generated image fakes are only made to make us think the real ones are fake – you ever think of that, huh?

One of the best books to read after this video would be Tricia McCannon: The Angelic Origins of the Soul.

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