Can You be Mentally Controlled?

Very interesting wee video about ESP and telepathy. The subconscious mind can be easily influenced by outside forces, such as advertising and even hypnosis. Even distance reiki can affect the mind, and if so, couldn’t distance hypnosis? or Telepathy? This is an area of study worth looking into, and it’s spooky when you read about it in old occult books. Maybe your being mentally controlled right now….did you even know it was possible?

For schizophrenics in psychosis, the insulting voices they hear are often thought by them to be some kind of Left-hand path adept-magicians or assassin telepaths, and can be literally seen as the cries of the damned. You feel like it’s true until you get better and they go away, but while you’re in it your tormented and lost, hopeless because no-one will even entertain the idea of black magic or telepathy.

Do you believe? What if it is true? Maybe secret societies have set the laws up and hidden the knowledge so that no-one can be brought to justice for abusing their powers. Or maybe it’s all real… Try telepathy thought experiments with a friend and find out!

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