Secrets of the Kabbalah

Kabbalah is a very interesting yet very complicated system of Jewish mysticism. It consists of the Tree of Life which is made up of various Sephiroth which are levels of the Tree. There are many books on it out there, a lot of which can be found for free on which include very complicated and confusing ancient numerical systems that I still haven’t figured out…This documentary is like an introduction to all this, although it doesn’t go into detail on the specifics it might get you into it and set you on that path.

There are many more videos explaining the Kabbalah more in depth on Youtube too, a quick search will find them. I remember seeing one which described the first few sephiroth, and how the 3rd step up was like a realm involving the Astral light, where whatever you make happen there will happen in real life. I tried that out and it does seem to work. Be careful though, as they say in old occult books, a magician must be pure of heart and free from selfish temptations to use this wisdom or they’ll be tormented by their own ignorance.

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