The Enigma of Flying Spheres

There are many phenomena of the unknown in this world… One being these mysterious flying orbs that have been captured on tape all across the planet since the 1950’s…. What are they? Are they alien technology?.. Or are they themselves alive somehow?… What do you think?…

I’ve actually witnessed something like this myself. A levitating orb of pure energy, made of some sort of plasma, about the size of a football, suspended un-moving in the air above a druid lake… It faded out of existence and disappeared, only to fade back in and re-appear in the exact same place after I attempted to meditate and telepathically communicate with it- asking it to come back….

Whats even more interesting is that I’d been meditating at that lake for months, on the same 3 chakras made of the colours Red, Orange and Yellow that I’d been visualizing the whole time. The exact same colour’s the levitating sphere was made of…. spooky!

Had it been observing me the whole time? My friend and I both saw it, and were so freaked out that we ran away in the end!

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