Mark Passio- What on Earth is Happening

They say there are Dark Occultists out there, pulling the puppet strings and manipulating us all with Hypnotism and Mind Control…distracting us from the truth as they run amok in the world getting up to evil… Known for his podcast on Mark Passio breaks down his in-depth knowledge on the Dark side of the… Read More Mark Passio- What on Earth is Happening


A very interesting documentary about human and planetary consciousness. Also the sequel to Esoteric Agenda, it delves deep into metaphysics and the esoteric. Made with that signature epic forbidden knowledge type documentary style, it is hypnotising.

The Third Eye Delusion

A Schizophrenic’s view of the mountain of conspiracy theories out there, and his battle to stay sane when finding out about the power of the Third Eye. To avoid being sectioned and forcefully hospitalized for these “far out views” and to understand the truth amidst the lies…

Zeitgeist:The Movie

Click the Headline for the video. Zeitgeist is a life changing piece of film for many people. Its awe inspiring style and mind blowing content made it a phenomenon. It is about the state of the world, religion and spirituality, banking and the control system. It also offers a solution in the Venus Project.