Psychiatry the Fraud

A lot of Schizophrenics go through a psycho-spiritual awakening process but get labelled and medicated for life because of it. Or worse, Electro-shock Therapy or even Psycho-Surgery (Aka Lobotomy). In this video, Dr. Jeffrey Schaler sticks it to psychiatry and their malpractice.

Coercion, forced treatment and medications that perpetuate the problem and cause brain damage… If most “Mental patients” were given a loving and caring approach, talk therapy and not medicated for life, they would easily heal and recover to lead a normal life again. But this is almost unheard of in Psychiatry.

Spiritual beliefs such as those of the Third Eye can even be reason to lock you up in a Mental hospital. It’s persecution of the spiritually minded and mostly misunderstood people of this world who have gone through terrible things and ended up at a spiritual impasse, or even defeat. Then considering the powers of the Third Eye being real, such spiritual gifts being called “Craziness” by educated fools who don’t understand them is an outrage!

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