MK-Ultra (Mind Control)

Project MK-Ultra was a horrific mental torture experiment carried out by the American Government’s agency the CIA just a couple of decades ago. Normal people would go to a psychiatrist about some depression over a lost loved one, or even complaints about pains in the leg or anything, and would be diagnosed clinically insane out of nowhere. From there, they would be committed to a mental hospital, and then if they were unlucky enough, selected by the MK-Ultra agents to be experimented on horrifically.

Experiments included insulin-induced comas lasting months, where tapes were played on loop of distressing things the agents had taped the patients saying in abusive interviews previously, or things such as “You killed your mother”. Awake patients even had headphones permanently fixed to their heads playing these phrases hundreds of thousands of times. Electro-Convulsive Therapy in way higher doses than normal, lobotomies, and more sick “Experiments” were performed on people caught in MK-Ultra’s web of capture.

Some patients who made it through described how their minds had been wiped clean and reverted to that of a babies. They couldn’t feed themselves or talk and had to be toilet trained again and everything. Agents drugged members of the public and even their own people with LSD, and much more disgusting practices.

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