Graham Hancock- War on Consciousness

Have you ever thought of the explosion of cave-art and even society in the past few thousands of years? Did you know that it’s connected to ancient humans consumption of Psychedelics? It seems like these entheogenic substances gave us our great intelligence. They were just the catalyst needed to cause our brains amazing development back then. And now they’re illegal. Even this Ted talk by Graham Hancock was banned…

The war on drugs and banning of these substances is rediculous. Lumping them in with addictive substances that are actually dangerous just serves to confuse people. Enforcing laws that forbid the use of these plants is carried out like its normal, when the laws are relatively new in historical terms. Drugs fund criminal empires because of these backward laws, and society is due a review of them. Legalization of these substances is the way to go, if it’s regulated and controlled.

Drug education needs improved greatly. You could also say that since drugs were banned that we have seen the biggest increase in productivity and technology in history, but when people are still doing them and getting supplied criminally, they need to be legalized so that society isn’t split down the middle and a war rages on between those deemed “Criminal” and those flying straight.

Crowded prisons, criminal empires funded by sale of these drugs, and numerous victims all serve as a warning that an urgent rethinking of the law is needed.

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