Masonic Astral Attacks

The dark ones that are said to control this world lurk in the shadows… behind the scenes and out of the public eye. They walk the mystical path of the Occult and don’t just dabble, but master their abilities…. or so the Urban Legend goes…

While researching links between Masons and the Occult, I stumbled across this very interesting wee video by Half a Sheep on Youtube. The video title caught my attention, and upon investigation this Youtuber breaks down how Masons can be attacked “Astrally” for breaking their oaths. Kind of like a “Psychic attack” (There are books out there on this subject). Not just that, but this guy guides us through Masonic Lodges, showing us their portals that inter-dimensional entities communicate though!

It’s way, way out there. But at the same time, it is fascinating to watch him break down the artwork and Lodge. Is it real? It’s fun to ponder and ask, what if? Perhaps he’s got his facts wrong… Or he is actually connecting the dots… The more I’ve looked into this stuff, the more I’ve found many Masons past and present who wrote or talked about the esoteric and the occult, so there is definitely a connection there. But magic?.. Really?…. Who knows! It’s all pure speculation, and without becoming a Mason we may never know…. but I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

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