Dr. Peter Breggin- Monarch Brain Devices

Can Schizophrenia be seen as a spiritual gift? There are many beliefs that can get you locked up and branded Schizophrenic. Psychic beliefs are the main ones. If they’re real, your not crazy but if you think they’re real, and they’re not, you are crazy…

Psychiatry has a history of treating people who think this way less than kindly. Archaic treatments that cause much harm are still prevalent today such as Electro-Convulsive Therapy, Psycho-Surgery and even Anti-Psychotic medication. Robert Whitaker breaks down how harmful these meds are in his book Anatomy of an Epidemic They are over-prescribed and it’s unknown how they even work.

The shady looking moves of Psychiatry continue with these new “Monarch” brain implants approved for those with ADHD. They are apparently dangerous (just like the meds) and are not regulated properly. Dr. Breggin breaks down these new devices while also talking about his work stopping much psychiatric abuse in the past.

Monarch is said to have been a project under the MK-Ultra umbrella to do with mind-control, interesting they would use that name for this brain implant. That, along with adding Micro-chips to Abilify Anti-psychotic pills makes you think they’re just fueling the conspiracies….

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