Mark Passio- What on Earth is Happening

They say there are Dark Occultists out there, pulling the puppet strings and manipulating us all with Hypnotism and Mind Control…distracting us from the truth as they run amok in the world getting up to evil…

Known for his podcast on Mark Passio breaks down his in-depth knowledge on the Dark side of the Occult in this episode. An eye opening look at the magical Left-Hand Path and the evil in this world. He exposes the “Old Religion” and the ruling elite in this, one of his most intriguing shows.

Passio actually says himself that he was involved with this stuff at one point, so he has insider knowledge. I applaud him for speaking out and trying to raise awareness of this stuff, it’s just sad to see that not much people out there are ready to hear it.

As Passio says: “To bury your head in the sand, you need your ass in the sky”… we won’t be doing that. Stay woke people.

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